How does this work?

We transfer $10 from your Bitcoin wallet into a virtual Starbucks gift card on your phone. The cashier scans your phone to complete the payment. If you don't use all of the money on the card, any remaining Bitcoin is transferred back to you.

Where does the 20% discount come in?

The discount is applied to the price that you pay in bitcoin. For example, to load $10, you only pay $8 worth of bitcoin.

Where is the refund sent?

BTC refunds are sent to whatever Bitcoin address you specify.

Why don't you just refund to the address I sent from?

If you're using a custodial wallet (like Coinbase), you're not necessarily sending from an address that belongs to you. If that's the case and we send back to the address you paid from, you won't receive it. So we need you to explicitly tell us where to send refunds.

Does it work in my country?

Fold works at any Starbucks that accepts US gift cards. This includes Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, UK, Macau, and Spain.

I accidentally paid too much. How do I get my money back?

All overpayments are refunded automatically. If you haven't gotten a refund you're expecting, make sure you've entered your bitcoin address so we know where to send it.

What exchange rate do you use?

We calculate BTC/USD conversions using the latest exchange rate from the Coinbase API .

Why does the wrong wallet app open on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, if you have multiple bitcoin wallet apps installed on iOS, there is no way to choose which of them will open when you tap the link to pay. We recommend uninstalling all bitcoin apps other than the one you use primarily.

Can I load my balance into the Starbucks app?

No—We don't expose the PIN for the barcodes we give you, because it would prevent us from being able to offer refunds for your unused balance.

What if I'm having problems?

If you have any trouble, please email [email protected].