Expanding Beyond Coffee

We’re launching our new app, use.foldapp.com, in beta today!

Fold's expanding beyond coffee.

The new Fold app has one goal- expanding from one merchant to many. To that end, we’re launching beta support for Best Buy and Dunkin Donuts today. You can save up to 8% off at Best Buy, and 20% off at Dunkin Donuts when you use Fold to pay in-store with Bitcoin.

In the coming weeks, we'll expand our merchant support further so you can use Fold, and Bitcoin, anywhere.


Do I need a new account?

No. You can use the same account as coffee.foldapp.com. And as always, you can also log in anonymously.

What about refunds?

We aren’t offering the refund feature for new brands yet, but don’t worry! We love the refund feature, and are rethinking it to offer a new version later this year.

When is my favorite store launching?

We'll be launching new stores monthly. Stay tuned!

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