BitGo Instant

We’ve partnered with BitGo to speed up payments at the register.

BitGo Instant

We’re excited to be in such good company— other partners accepting BitGo Instant include BitStamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, ShapeShift, and our friends at SFOX. But you might notice that we stand out from BitGo’s other partners. We aren’t an exchange, after all!

The cool thing about BitGo’s latest product is that it’s flexible enough to help anyone avoid waiting on a confirmation. Because they guarantee transactions, we can safely accept larger payments without a wait.

Starting today, if you pay with a BitGo Instant-enabled wallet, your payment will be received instantly— regardless of network conditions.

Accepting bitcoin instantly is killer for in-store retail. By leveraging tools like BitGo Instant and BlockCypher’s transaction confidence , we’ll be able to offer more and larger denominations when you shop with bitcoin. Stay tuned!

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