Bitcoin has a branding problem

The blockchain has been en vogue lately— lauded by bankers, technologists, and even politicians— but no one mentions the other “B” word. For those of us who believe in bitcoin as a currency, this half-success is frustrating. Bitcoin powers the blockchain, making these innovations possible, but it still gets a bad rap.

We want to close that gap, and that’s why we support ZapChain’s “Branding Bitcoin in the Media” summit. August 5th, journalists from the WSJ, Inc Magazine, and Coindesk will field questions about how we can better brand bitcoin.

We’re giving away 100 coffees to the first 100 participants. Leave a thoughtful comment or question on ZapChain, and you get a free coffee.

We’re excited to see what the community and the media can accomplish together. Register for the event, and let us know what you think on Reddit or Twitter!