iPhone overtaking Android?

Phone survey results. iPhone: 70. Android: 68. Other: 2.

We ran a quick, informal poll of the people signed up for the beta and got back some surprising results. More of them used iPhones than Android devices. Go figure.

Up front, I want to make a couple points clear. The sampling for this data is not statistically significant, and it’s going to be skewed very heavily toward early adopters. I’m not trying to draw any conclusions, but I have to say, I was very surprised to see more folks carrying iPhones. I had thought it was going to be strongly favor Android.

For the longest time, it seemed like iOS’ walled garden nature and lack of control kept many in the bitcoin community away from the iPhone. First the app store wouldn’t accept any bitcoin apps, and secondly, why should I keep my funds on an system that is neither open nor transparent?

Perhaps the times are changing, and with the app store finally granting access to bitcoin companies, users are comfortable managing their bitcoin on the iPhone. The dominance of the iPhone continues, at least in our simple survey.

Are iPhones simply better? Are bitcoiners becoming accepting of iOS? Is there more mainstream adoption of bitcoin? We’re definitely interested in exploring these questions even further. What do you think?

Thanks to all 140 of the folks on our beta list who took the time to answer our poll! Tweet us at @fold_app to let us know if you found this interesting and if we should do more polls like this in the future.