The first bitcoin rewards card¹

Earn bitcoin on everything.

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Avg. Reward Rate on Purchases²
Amazon Rewards³
High Yield Rewards⁴
Bitcoin Signup Bonus⁵
Chance to win on every purchase
1 bitcoin
Did you know?

$100 of bitcoin ten years ago is worth $10,000,000 today.

That’s not a typo. Ditch your miles and points and get rewarded with the best performing asset of the last decade.
Exciting rewards

Swipe the card. Spin the Wheel.
Win every time.

Seriously, you cannot lose. Get one of these prizes every time you use the card and spin the wheel -- prizes rotate frequently!
Check out the spin wheels to see what else you can win.
2% Spending Boost
Earn 2% back on your previous order!
10% Category Boost
Get 10% bonus on a revolving category!
1 Bitcoin Bonus
Win up to a full bitcoin!
2x Savings Match
We’ll 2x your savings in sats!
2x Deposit Match
We’ll 2x your direct deposit in sats!
100x Referrals Match
Get 100 sats for every referral you’ve made!
2% Fold Gift Card Boost
Get an extra 2% back on your next gift card purchase!
1000 Sats Bonus
1000 sats instantly added to your account!
high yield rewards

Rewards that grow

All rewards earned on Fold will earn a high yield 10% bonus annually.³ Watch as your rewards grow right before your eyes!
merchant boosts

Supercharge your rewards

Get access to unparalleled deals at select merchants⁸, including:
Amazon³ 5%
Doordash 8%
Uber 4%
Starbucks 4%
Sephora 6%
Nike 6%
Lowes 5%
Domino's 10%
REI 8%
worry-free debit

Financial fun, not financial stress

Be rewarded for good financial behaviors. No more debt payments, credit checks or interest payments.
how it works

Start earning bitcoin in minutes.

Load your card
Direct deposit or ach transfer USD directly into your account.
Spend your cash
Pay anywhere Visa is accepted in person or online with the card, or checkout straight from Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Get your rewards
Earn up to a full bitcoin on every purchase and watch as your bitcoin reward balance grows!
find what's right for you

Plans tailored for you


Shhh... This part's still secret!
Maximize your bitcoin rewards!


Shhh... This part's still secret!
Try out Fold and start earning bitcoin!
Freequently Asked Questions

We're here to help

What is the Fold Card?

The Fold Card is the best way to earn bitcoin every time you spend.  Fold Card rewards make spending fun, and you're earning the fastest appreciating asset in the last decade.

What kind of card is the Fold Card?

The Fold Card is a Visa general purpose reloadable prepaid debit card backed by Sutton Bank. With the Fold Card, you get an account number and a routing number from Sutton Bank, just like a checking account.

Where can I use the Fold Card?

Your Fold Card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – online, in stores, and over the phone. Currently, the Fold Card is only available in the United States. But stay tuned! We hope to add additional countries in the future.

What rewards will I earn with the Fold Card?

Fold Card rewards are awarded in satoshis, a unit of bitcoin (like cents are for dollars).  You earn rewards in lots of ways, including spinning our spinwheel after each purchase. Take a look at our current spinwheel.

How do I sign up for a Fold Card?

The Fold Card is currently in beta.  Join the waitlist to be contacted when we're letting more people into the beta group!  Refer others to the waitlist to move up the waitlist and to be able to sign up for your own Fold card sooner.

What are the requirements to get a Fold Card?

Signing up for a Fold Card does not require a credit check. Currently, the Fold Card is only available to US residents.

To activate the Card Account, you will be required to provide your name, street address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We must collect this information in accordance with The USA PATRIOT Act, a Federal law that requires all financial institutions and their third-party service providers to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account.

How do I fund my Fold Card?

You fund your Fold Card by transferring money from an existing personal bank account or by getting your paycheck straight on the Fold Card through direct deposit.

What fees are associated with the Fold Card?

Fold will not charge you hidden bank fees associated with your account! Click here to see our full list of fees.

How long does it take to get my Fold Card?

Good news! You can start using your virtual card immediately.  This allows you to shop online.  You may also add your card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, to shop in-store wherever those are accepted.
You will receive your physical card typically within two weeks.

Want to hear a bitcoin joke?

Good for you.  Here’s a bitcoin joke:  How dow do you describe a bitcoiner who got paid to take a college entrance exam on the weekend? They sat for the SAT for sats on Sat. - Josh, actual Fold User

At Fold, we may not be the best at jokes.  But we’re great at answering your questions.  We hope we find the answer you’re looking for on our full FAQs