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Buy gift cards with credit card or bitcoin at your favorite retailers*, and checkout instantly in-store, online, and in-app.

Starbucks and Amazon prepaid cards. Use these cards in store by scanning the barcode, or auto-redeeming in app.
Old Navy
More added every week!
#stacksofsats Rewards being earned in-app

Unbeatable rewards

Earn up to 20% cashback in bitcoin on every purchase instantly — and with no catch! Your data and your bitcoin are yours to keep.


Your rewards can be hodled, spent, or withdrawn to your personal wallet.

instant payouts

Ain’t nobody got time for delayed payout periods and hazy reward estimates!

compound rewards

Leverage existing sales and affiliate/rewards programs when applicable to compound your payouts.

Flexible payments

Pay how you like —  with credit card or bitcoin over the lightning network to earn even more cashback.

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Fold checkout flow on mobile device

Incognito mode for everyday spending

Fold is one of the most private forms of payment available. Your personal information, payment details and transaction data is kept private — safe from advertisers and attackers alike.  Never expose your browsing history, transaction records or payment details to anyone. Also, no need to turn off your ad-blockers or submit to KYC.

Spin for sats

Spin the prize wheel once a day to win free sats, exclusive deals, or surprise prizes!

“I’ve watched the Fold team design, build, and ship bitcoin payment experiences that preserve user privacy and use core innovations like the lightning network, and could not imagine a better partner in building a bitcoin-first payments ecosystem.”

Meltem DeMirrors

Chief Strategy Officer

“Fold is helping Bitcoin evolve from a store of value to a usable, superior currency. Merchants avoid processing fees and settle instantly. Patrons get cashback on everything. BTC Only will be the new Cash Only sign at checkout."

Brian Murray

managing director,
Craft Ventures

"This is what I have been waiting for my entire life! Excited to use @fold_app for everything. 🛒

Great way to onboard people to Lightning. ⚡️ "

Desiree Dickerson

Head of Operations,
Lightning Labs

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New to bitcoin?

We’d love to help you get started with bitcoin and lightning. Visit My First Bitcoin Pizza to learn how to make your very first transaction.

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